Near Vision Power

PC-SPECS are designed to protect our eyes from harmful blue light radiation, but visual needs may differ from one person to another depending on vocation, hobbies or age. PC-SPECS are therefore available in five different power options to cater for divergent visual needs, namely: PLANO, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH and EXTRA.

PC-SPECS PLANO: Anyone with good distance and near vision can benefit from PC-SPECS PLANO, as it blocks the harmful blue light without influencing our ability to focus. PC-SPECS PLANO can be worn for near use, but will be particularly useful for distance viewing use such as driving and watching TV.

PC-SPECS LOW: Most of us will benefit from PC-SPECS LOW, as this option not only blocks the harmful blue light, but also enhances our near vision up to a distance of 2 metres. Anyone experiencing eye strain or visual fatigue while reading or using a computer or tablet will benefit from PC-SPECS LOW. If you are under the age of 45, then this is probably the option for you.

PC-SPECS MEDIUM: Those of us who are over the age of 45 will probably prefer PC-SPECS MEDIUM, which blocks harmful blue light while enhancing our near vision even more than PC-SPECS LOW, but will only allow clear vision up to a distance of 1 metre. If you are struggling to focus clearly while reading or you are extending your arm slightly to help clear your near vision, then PC-SPECS MEDIUM is for you.

PC-SPECS HIGH: This option is usually best suited to individuals over the age of 50, who already wear reading glasses. PC-SPECS HIGH will protect your eyes from harmful blue light and allow you to see clearly while reading or using a computer or tablet. If you cannot clear your near vision without completely extending your arm or if you already wear reading glasses, then PC-SPECS HIGH is the correct option for you.

PC-SPECS EXTRA: Usually reserved for individuals older than 55 years of age, PC-SPECS EXTRA blocks harmful blue light while allowing for maximum magnification while reading or using the computer. PC-SPECS EXTRA allows for clear vision up to a distance of 50cm.