PC Specs

PC-SPECS are spectacles which provide comfort, clear vision and most importantly eye-protection from the harmful effects of computer screens and other digital devices. They offer relief from computer-related eye strain and protect against the high energy blue light emitted by digital screens. This high energy blue light is damaging to the retinas of our eyes and subsequently increases our risk of developing Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), a debilitating eye disease.

We live modern lifestyles where most of us spend more than 12 hours a day with our eyes glued to digital devices such as PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart-phones.   The need to protect our eyes is therefore critical.   PC Specs delivers on that need!

Harmful blue light

HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT: Every digital screen in our possession emits high energy blue light. These wavelengths range between 415nm and 455nm, and represent the blue-violet spectrum of visible light. Recent studies have shown these wavelengths of blue light to cause damage to our retinas, increasing the risk of developing an eye disease known as ARMD. Just as good quality sunglasses reduce our eyes’ exposure to ultra-violet (UV) rays, PC-SPECS reduces our eyes’ exposure to high energy blue light, by filtering out the harmful blue-violet wavelengths. Evidence of this can be seen in the blue-coloured reflections on PC-SPECS lenses, as they actively reflect the blue-violet wavelengths away from our eyes.