To be the vehicle of innovation and inspiration through creative contributions.

Core Values.

We are innovative, creative and do things in a brainpower way; We are professionals and accountable; and we are non-discriminatory institute.

BI encourages the widest range of journal submissions and aims to foster the highest standards in intellectual excellence in our journal publishing program. The following are objectives of our journal publishing program:

Full peer review: All manuscripts submitted to BI journals undergo double blind peer review.
Fast publication: BI guarantees fast and constructive peer review process of papers within approximately one month of submission.
High visibility: Each journal or magazine in BI Publishing uses the Open URL standard, making it easy for the libraries to link users as directly as possible from citation to the full text of the article.
Open Access: Open Access makes knowledge available to all, without the barrier of affordability and without restrictions on using it to inform and develop related areas of research.

BI Publishing is setting new standards of Brain-powered academic knowledge creation and scholarly publication. We welcome proposals or completed manuscript submissions of:
Individually and jointly authored books
Edited collections addressing a clear, intellectually challenging themes
Literature in all genres

BI Publishing is also setting new standards on multilingual publishing.