What are PC Specs?

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PC-SPECS are spectacles which provide comfort, clear vision and most importantly eye-protection from the harmful effects of computer screens and other digital devices.

What is high energy blue light?


High energy blue light are the wavelengths of visible light between 415nm and 455nm, which have been found to be damaging to the retinas of our eyes.

Why is high energy blue light bad for our eyes?


Studies have shown specific wavelengths of blue light to be toxic to our retinas. The cumulative effect of exposure to this high energy blue light radiation, is an increase in the risk of developing an eye disease called Age Related Macular Degeneration which may lead to blindness.

How do PC-SPECS protect us against harmful blue light?


PC-SPECS are specifically designed to limit our high energy blue light exposure by reflecting the harmful blue wavelengths off the front surface of the spectacle lenses. Evidence of this can be seen in the blue-coloured reflection on PC-SPECS lenses.

Why can’t I see far with my PC-SPECS?


Since our visual needs are not necessarily the same for everyone, PC-SPECS have been made available in different power options. Each power option has a different respective focal length, ranging from infinity (PC-SPECS PLANO) to 50cm (PC-SPECS EXTRA). The developers of PC-SPECS have therefore set the focal lengths to match our respective working distances. See the “5 Power Options” section for more information regarding the ideal pair of PC-SPECS for you.

What power option should I select: PLANO, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH or EXTRA?


PC-SPECS PLANO: Anyone with good distance and near vision can benefit from PC-SPECS PLANO, as it blocks the harmful blue light without influencing our ability to focus. PC-SPECS PLANO can be worn for near use, but will be particularly useful for distance viewing use such as driving and watching TV.

PC-SPECS LOW: Most of us will benefit from PC-SPECS LOW, as this option not only blocks the harmful blue light, but also enhances our near vision up to a distance of 2 metres. Anyone experiencing eye strain or visual fatigue while reading or using a computer or tablet will benefit from PC-SPECS LOW. If you are under the age of 45, then this is probably the option for you.

PC-SPECS MEDIUM: Those of us who are over the age of 45 will probably prefer PC-SPECS MEDIUM, which blocks harmful blue light while enhancing our near vision even more than PC-SPECS LOW, but will only allow clear vision up to a distance of 1 metre. If you are struggling to focus clearly while reading or you are extending your arm slightly to help clear your near vision, then PC-SPECS MEDIUM is for you.

PC-SPECS HIGH: This option is usually best suited to individuals over the age of 50, who already wear reading glasses. PC-SPECS HIGH will protect your eyes from harmful blue light and allow you to see clearly while reading or using a computer or tablet. If you cannot clear your near vision without completely extending your arm or if you already wear reading glasses, then PC-SPECS HIGH is the correct option for you.

PC-SPECS EXTRA: Usually reserved for individuals older than 55 years of age, PC-SPECS EXTRA blocks harmful blue light while allowing for maximum magnification while reading or using the computer. PC-SPECS EXTRA allows for clear vision up to a distance of 50cm.